Golf Academy

Han Golf Masters Academy

Han Golf Masters Academy provides experienced coaches for all levels of players. We also support, and coach underprivileged prospective players.

Golf Course Design & Turf Management

Han Golf Masters Course Design & Turf Management

We manage several golf course design projects throughout the country and exclusively designed the Yangon City Golf Resort.

Golf Masters Event Management

We are the local partner with Asian Tour, and managed the London Myanmar Open for 10 years, the Myanmar Open for 3 years and Leopalace 21 Myanmar Open for 2 years.


Golf Magazine

Han Golf Masters Magazine

We developed the first ever golf magazine in the country, featuring expert golf tips, the latest trends, and interesting reads.

Golf Driving Range Management

Han Golf Masters Driving Range

Located in the corner of Okkala road and Airport road, our driving range gives our players spacious practicing grounds, including private practicing areas. We also have a homey restaurant providing full service throughout the day.

Golf Performance Systems

It is every player desire to perform better and get more enjoyment out of the game they love to play!
To enhance performance, to play their best, players need to understand the basic concept that swing fixes are not the only solution, properly fitted equipment also is an important factor! Trackman, a high performance ball tracking device allows us to identify more precisely players swing faults and equipment requirements. Why the ball or shots are curving, hooks, slices, why the ball is flying too high or low, as well as why you’re not hitting longer drives. It also helps to determine the type of clubs, shafts and balls players should use to maximize their performance.
In this high-tech world the use of Trackman allows our instructors to pinpoint more precisely, swing faults and equipment requirements for all levels of players.